Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Monday, November 2, 2015:

The marathon was just eight days ago, so this was not a day for a long run.  I pushed fairly hard in the first four miles today, mostly walking fast but running a bit now and then, and then eased up a little in the second four to admire some very beautiful dogs (retired greyhounds) and otherwise enjoy the walk/run a bit more.

Whining: I haven't mentioned it much, but for some weeks now my right ankle has had occasional twitches which make it hard to lift my foot.  Or something - I'm not sure - the ankle feels very weak, but it always goes away in a few minutes and I can get back to full speed.  Until today it was always my right foot, but today the same thing happened on my left!  So the bad news is that it can happen on either side now, but the good news is I'M SYMMETRICAL!  Yay  (:

Splits: 25:05 (1.96 mi), 27:25 (2.04 mi), 26:15 (1.90 mi w stairs), 29:02 (2.14 mi), total 1:47:46, 8.04 mi, pace 13:24.

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