Saturday, November 07, 2015

New Route

Friday, November 6, 2015:

Most of our runs start on a trail that leads west from our house, but today I had a job to do (set up a dental appointment) and incorporated that into the run, starting out east and north instead.  From there I did a little extra running (mostly walking), investigating two possible new routes and then ending back home in 4.53 miles and 1:06:00 hours, for a pace of 14:34.  Distance is exact, time is approximate.

Whining:  This time my right knee was fine, perhaps because I gave it two days off, but my back hurt instead.  The pain is in the middle top to bottom, and off to the left side.  Because it's not in the spine itself I doubt that the pain comes directly from a plasmacytoma (myeloma hot spot), even though a PET scan does show two small plasmacytomas in the spine.  It could be caused indirectly from a plasmacytoma pressing on nerves which serve that region, but I rather think it's actually a muscle, made sore by poor running (walking) posture perhaps.  It's not new, just worse than before.  It's fixable!

I enjoyed the walk/run anyway.  Exploring is always fun, and now I have mapped out another 4-mile route that I can mix and match with the others.

Long run coming up Sunday, then start tapering for the next marathon.

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