Friday, March 28, 2014

YMCA Again

Thursday, March 27, 2014:

The weather rendered the outdoor trails unrunnable today, so we ran inside.  Three miles, running one lap and walking two.  No problems.

I live with three ladies.
This is the fuzziest one.

Splits: 11:40, 11:26, 11:34, total 34:40, pace 11:33.  Last tapering run.

Tuesday, March 25:

We ran in the park again, temperature about 20, some wind, lots of clothes including the knee protectors.  I went out for about 19 minutes, then returned in 18 minutes, total 37.  I was running 60 paces for every 90 paces of walking, which works out to a pace of about 11:30, so I'm sure that I went at least 3 miles.

Whining: Zip.  Knee was OK. Tapering now.

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