Friday, March 21, 2014

Cool Runs in the Park

Friday, March 21, 2014

Again we ran in the park, preparing for a cold marathon next weekend.  Today's temperature was about 39, only slightly colder than yesterday, but the day was heavily overcast with winds at 18 mph gusting to 28.  It felt much colder!

I wore running pants with short sox below, normal shoes, and my feet and ankles were fine, though my knees may have been a little cold.  Up top I wore the Under Armor LS undershirt and a wind shell over that, plus ear cover and gloves, of course.   The shirt and jacket were almost enough, but not quite - I would have been more comfortable with one more SS tech shirt.

I felt strong again, and increased my pace a bit over yesterday, both to run a little warmer and to finish a little sooner. The pace ratio was run 2, walk 3.

Whining: Yesterday's PFS in the right knee came back strong, unfortunately.  I might have actually slowed for it once or twice, don't remember.  It came and went, and was mostly gone by the end of the run, but it's a little concerning.  I have knee supports which would keep my knees much warmer - perhaps I'll try those.

Splits: 27:41 out, 27:02 back., total 54:49.  Distance was 4.84 miles, pace 11:19 minutes per mile.

Thursday, March 20:

We ran on the park's paved trails today, between the snowbanks.  The temperature was 41 with a light breeze from the south and a strong sun.  I wore shorts and long sox below, an Under Armor heavy LS shirt and a SS tech shirt over that, plus ear cover and light gloves. Plenty warm - I took off the SS shirt for some of the run.  Though I ran at marathon pace, run/walk ratio of 1 to 2, I felt very strong.

Whining: Unfortunately the PFS in the right knee raised some complaint, though not enough to limit the speed.

Distance was 4.84 miles, time 58:07, pace 12:00 minutes per mile.

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