Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stillwater Dome

This is the first run in Minnesota that was NOT in the YMCA, in months.  Did I say that clearly?  Sounds OK when I read it back.

We went to the Stillwater Soccer Dome, and I ran five miles doing fartleks.  We run and walk around the edges of a nice-sized indoor soccer field, a little over five loops per mile.  Mostly, I walked a short side fast, then jogged a long side, then walked the other short side fast, then sprinted the remaining long side.  That sprint is what makes it fartleks.  If you don't believe me, ask a Swede.

This was a fun run - I do like sprints.  I looked forward to those, most of the time.

Whining: The right-knee PFS spoke up early, then settled down.  The right-knee ITB from two days ago was silent, though.  A little ligament or muscle at the very top of the left hamstrings, inside, started to complain toward the end.  I think I stressed it with the sprinting, which is sort of expected.  I'll run more easily tomorrow and see.  It won't be a problem.

Splits: 10:31, 10:35, 10:08, 10:34, 10:10, total 51:58, average pace 10:24.  I have run this distance here before, without the sprints but with a better time, but I then walked less of the distance and probably ran a bit faster during the jogging part.  Too soon to tell, but I think the fartleks might do me some good.  They feel good.

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