Saturday, July 21, 2012

Morning Thunderstorms.

We had planned to run with the Saint Croix Valley Runners this morning, but thunderstorms were coming through and we don’t run in lightning if we can avoid it.  We stayed home and avoided it  We did get 1.25 inches of rain, too, which we needed.

Later in the morning we went to the park and ran on the paved trails, which were already dry enough.  I ran two loops of the main trail, 2.17 miles each, 4.34 miles total, in 47:26, for a pace of 10:56.  Sub-11 again - that was a goal for today.  As on Wednesday, I ran half of each minute and up most of the hills, walking down most of the hills, and sprinting to the finish.  It feels good.

Whining:  The right knee with chronic patellofemoral syndrome (PFS) complained a little throughout the run, but not loudly.  I’d better get back to my core training.  Yesterday’s sharp pains in the hernia repair have gone away.

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