Friday, July 20, 2012


The loons were calling this morning.  I don’t often see them, but we hear their unmistakable call from time to time.  Most loons nest farther north, but we’ve had some loons nesting within earshot in the past few years.

100% grass-fed beef.  Everything else
including the mango salsa is organic.
I ran on the park’s grass trails, wet with dew and a little bit tricky, but more fun for me than the pavement.  6.13 miles in 1:10:33, for a pace of 11:31.  I did my walk/run again, running half of each minute, but enhanced that by running all the way up every hill, except for one really big, steep hill, where I ran up half way and walked the rest.  Good training.  I wasn’t as fast as Wednesday, but wet grass, dirt, and sand are not as fast as pavement, and I didn’t feel quite as strong this morning as I did Wednesday.

Whining:  None at all during the run.

However:  The hernia repair has been yapping at me a little in the last two days.  From time to time there is a sharp pain near the incision, and I can’t tell whether it’s near the surface or farther down where the repair actually is.  When it happens, I can’t tie it to any particular movement or activity - it just happens.  There is still some paresthesia (sensitivity to touch) in the skin around the incision, but this is nothing like the paresthesia I’ve felt before, and it’s independent of touch.  There is also numbness around the incision, and I guess it’s possible that the pain is from a nerve that’s trying to re-grow and re-establish normal sensory feeling there.  That would be nice.

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