Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Between the Storms

We experimented with Greek yogurt a while ago, but
went back to regular organic plain yogurt because it
costs less and it's available everywhere.
We got a little rain last night, so I chose the paved trails in the park this morning, rather than the grass (& mud) trails.  More storms were on the way, too, so we went out fairly early.  The temperature was 70 with a dew point of 68 (ugh) but we did enjoy a nice breeze.

I ran at least 30 seconds of each minute and up every hill, to finish 6.84 miles in 1:13:43, for a pace of 10:47.  Yay!  Sub-11 for almost 7 miles, and there was plenty more in the tank - I actually sprinted to the finish.  It felt so good.

Whining:  None!  This is such a wonderful time now, injury-free and full of pep, that I want to run all day, fast, charging up hills.  But in the past, that excess enthusiasm has gotten me hurt, so I’m going to ramp up carefully. Not over 30 miles per week, running 30 seconds of each minute this week, maybe a little more next week.  So far so good!

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