Monday, July 30, 2012

Fifteen Mile Run

We like to do our longest runs on the Gateway Trail, because there are porta-potties here and there, and even water in a few places.  I ran 15 miles this morning, while my sweeties ran almost nine.  This was not a nice day to run - the temperature averaged about 75 and the dewpoint about 70.  I did OK, though, running 30 seconds of each minute, finishing in 2:43:51 for an overall pace of 10:55.  This is not quite as good as the 10:31 pace of a week ago, but that day I ran only 10 miles.

Today I was able to increase the pace a little in the last mile or two, which is good, but I doubt I could have maintained the overall 10:55 pace for the remainder of a marathon.  Not in this weather.  I did carry water, drinking at least 40 ounces, and took three Clif Shot gels as well.

Chicken thighs, chard with cranberries, cherries,
tomatoes, all organic except the chili pepper sauce.
Whining:  For while I felt a very local pain on the outside of the right hip, probably a bursa.  It went away.  Later, right after standing up to leave a porta-potty, I felt a sharp pain at the very top of the right shin bone, just below the knee.  The pain got bad enough to limit my pace, forcing me to walk for a couple of minutes.  It gradually got better, though, and was gone entirely within a couple of miles.

Splits:  11:18, 10:25, 10:55, 10:06, 10:34, 11:09, 11:04, 11:33, 10:43, 11:05, 11:29, 12:07, 11:09, 10:06, 10:07, total 2:43:51, pace 10:55.

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