Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Soggy Park

Tuesday, May 8, 2012:

I didn’t think that the park’s grass trails would be in very good condition today, because of the recent rains, so I used the paved trails again.  This was a little longer, walking/running 6.1 miles in 1:14:40, for a pace of 12:14, probably a little faster than I needed to go.

Whining:  I felt the surgical ache at the beginning, then very little until it returned somewhat in the last mile or so.  It bothers me that it got worse during the run.  The next run is supposed to be eight miles - I wonder how that will go.  Easy does it.

Weight:  160.3 lb this morning, down from 162.5 at the start.  It’s not quite three weeks yet, but a little over two pounds - probably - there is some day-to-day variation, of course, and 160.3 is today’s weight.  Anyway it’s an acceptable rate of weight loss.  I don’t want to lose too quickly when I’m healing from surgery and training for a marathon.  Down is good.  It’s a masterpiece.

Sunday, May 6:

The park is getting a little soggy, with lots of rain in the past few days, including two inches yesterday and last night. So we definitely ran on the paved trails today and amused ourselves by watching and hearing all of the frogs and waterfowl enjoying little ponds where there is usually dry ground.  I ran my usual 4/1 walk/run ratio, running more uphill and less down, finishing 4.33 miles in about 55:00 for a pace of 12:42.  Good enough.

Whining:  I felt a slight ache in the area of the hernia surgery, deep under the skin, especially at the start.  Otherwise, no pains.  It’s a good day.

This post-run breakfast was so good that I couldn't resist taking pictures from two angles. The other one is with this post.

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