Friday, February 16, 2007

Town Lake Trails

Town Lake Trail System 3.0 mi in about 26 minutes, around 8:40 pace? I forgot to start my watch at the beginning, so everything is an estimate :-) We had a BIG lunch at Pappadeaux, and I felt very heavy when weMy Sweeties ran an hour later. But after a mile or so I felt a little better and actually ran this last pre-marathon run a bit faster than intended. No pains at all! Very good news.

Maybe I can run the marathon uninjured and make a good time. But if not, I’m sure I can finish and collect a new state. There is something lovely about running a marathon at an easy pace too, enjoying the view and the spectators. Either way, it will be a great day.

Pappadeaux saladThe “neurpopathy” leg has been feeling strange again the last two days. I’m not at all certain that the strange feelings are due to the thalidomide, but yesterday and today the feelings were not imaginary. I skipped last night’s dose and will skip two more nights, then will take those next week instead.

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