Sunday, February 04, 2007

Eight Miles Indoors

NSP Community Center 8 mi in 1:06:39, pace 8:20. A moderately energetic run to remind the leg muscles of what they are supposed to do. This is just a bit faster than the pace I want to run in the upcoming marathon; I'm shooting for 3:45 there, which is a pace of 8:35.

I felt an annoying complaint from the left lisfranc ligament (foot) on each corner. Also very slight signals from the right knee and the hamstrings. Tsk. Once or twice I felt or imagined the neuropathy in the right foot. Nothing now, but I do feel a little more weary than I should after only eight miles. Good thing tomorrow is a day off.

Norm was there again, just about finished with his eight miles as I started mine. We did a few laps together. Time goes faster on that track when there’s someone to talk with. Also met a guy named Dan, finishing his run as well.

Splits: 8:30, 8:25, 8:20, 8:26, 8:23, 8:25, 8:30, 7:41. Last mile says I had something left.

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