Sunday, May 14, 2017

Medtronic TC 1 Mile Race

Thursday, May 11, 2017:

The race went very well.  I ran the whole mile without walking and finished in 9:04, better than any of the mile runs that I've done in training recently.  I'm more than happy with that.  I was third of four in my 75-79 age group, and finished before 791 of 1969 other runners, including 165 of 1009 other men.

After traveling to 100 marathons, this race became an exploration of our own Twin Cities.  We drove from our town to Union Station in downtown St Paul, where Amtrak, light rail, and buses all connect.  We took the METRO Green Line train to the new US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, 37 minutes in a clean, comfortable commuter train which we had never had occasion to ride before.  Thanks to the race committee, we had free passes. Then a short walk to the race itself, where my race number and shirt were waiting.

I enjoyed meeting up with long-time running friends that I had neglected during our drive to finish 100 marathons.  The race itself circled the Guthrie Theater of Minneapolis and lovely new parks. 

A 1-mile race is very intense, and I did try to go as fast as I could, but it was over in 9 minutes and I'm uninjured.  All is well.

We three had a very nice evening of it.

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