Monday, May 08, 2017

Another Mile

I set out to run 1.5 miles (6 laps) without walking today, having run 1.25  miles (5 laps) last week.  But two things happened: (1) I remembered that I have an actual 1-mile race later this week, and (2) I just didn't feel like running the extra two laps.  So I stopped at four laps - what the heck, I have no one to please but myself.  I did manage to shave a few seconds off my recent times for the mile.

Perhaps I'll do a little better still during the actual race.  We'll see - I'll try.  I'd like to do an 8-minute mile again someday, but not this week.  First a 9-minute mile.

Watch readings: 2:32, 2:28, 2:25, 2:13 (400 M laps), total for the run 1:06:00. Time for 1600 meters: 9:38.  Adjusted for a mile: 9:41 (a mile is 1609 meters.)  Total distance 5.5 mi, average pace for the run 12:00.

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