Friday, November 18, 2016

Still Running

Sunday, Nov 13, 2016:

Four miles at the YMCA, slightly up tempo.  We go to the Y quite a bit when the weather gets cold.  I speed-walked the first two miles at a 13-minute pace, then ran one lap (13 laps per mile) in mile 3, and four laps in the last mile.  Overall pace 12:33.  Ready for Philly!

Splits:  12:59, 12:59, 12:38, 11:36, total 50:12.

Thursday, Nov 10:

Easy walk outdoors, two miles in 36:22.

Tuesday, Nov 8:

Three miles at the YMCA.  I forgot my watch, so used the clock on the wall instead.  This actually works pretty well, just not accurate to the split second.  I mostly walked at a 13-minute pace, then ran the very last lap.  Overall pace 12:52.

Splits: 13:00, 13:00, 12:35, total 38:35.

Monday, Nov 7:

Four miles at the YMCA,  Pace 13:36.  Splits: 13:35, 13:41, 13:40, 13:29, total 54:25.

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