Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Hilly Run

Monday, April 4, 2016

This 4-mile route is the hilliest loop that I can find near our home, with a total excursion of more than 100 feet up and down.  It's kind of fun.

Even more fun today was the weather, in the upper 30's with only a little wind and with some snow!  I love to run in flying snow when there is no risk of it really getting underfoot.  I wore tights this time, under running shorts (for the pockets), with two shirts and a running jacket above.  By the end of the run the sun had come out, and I got a selfie of Don having a good time.

I'm writing this from Mayo Clinic and don't have my watch, but I remember it saying 52 minutes and some seconds, so my pace was between 13:00 and 13:30 minutes/mile.  I mostly walked, didn't run much, good enough for a taper run.  Marathon coming up!


Whudy Goard said...

Just found out that I have smoldering multiple myeloma . Any suggestions

Don said...

Hi Whudy. I have several:
* Find a local myeloma support group if there is one,
* Get the very best doctor you can, one who specializes not only in hematology but in myeloma,
* Live a healthful lifestyle with the best nutrition, almost-daily exercise, and enough sleep, and
* Now is the time, so chase your dream!
(Don's recipe for life)