Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Twelve Miles

Monday, September 28, 2015:

At a pretty good pace.  Sunday I had some annoying pain in the large muscles of my legs, probably from the cancer medications.  This morning, though, most of that pain was gone and it didn't bother at all during the walk/run.

Mostly I walked, just as fast as I could, trying to keep the footfall rate as high as it is when I run.  I ran a few times, mostly to cross streets.  The time for 12 miles was 2:38:03, for a pace of 13:10.

I was tired at the end, but not exhausted.  I think I could have kept this up for another 8 miles at least, and then slowed a little perhaps for the last six miles of a marathon.  Actually I intended to go 14 miles today, not just 12, but decided to stop when rain began.

2-mile splits: 26:30, 25:41, 26:49, 27:48, 25:03, 26:12, total 2:38:03.

Saturday, Sept 26:

Nice walk with Karen and George of the St Croix Valley Runners.  All of us can run a little, but we preferred to walk today.  We went east this time, to enjoy walking past the rapids of Browns Creek.  Nice walk, good conversation.

Splits: 25:14, 27:14, total 52:28,  about 3.7 mi, pace about 14:10

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