Thursday, September 24, 2015

Three Runs, 16 Miles

Thursday, September 24, 2015:

Same as yesterday (see below), but no chest symptoms.  Yay!  Temperature was about 63, ten degrees lower than yesterday, with a threat of rain, though none appeared.

This was a walk/run, mostly walking fast but occasionally running for 20 seconds.

Splits:  26:27 (2 mi), 24:48 (2 mi), total 51:15, distance 4.01 mi, pace 12:47.

Wednesday, September 23:

I ran just as I did on Monday (see below), and achieved about the same speed, but had a slightly worrisome occurrence.  Doing a four-mile walk/run I was walking as fast as I could, and occasionally running for 20 seconds or so.  In the fourth mile, after two of those running periods, I felt a tightness or pain in the center of my chest, beneath the clavicle, very similar to a feeling I've had before when running and breathing too much cold air.  However, this morning the temperature was 73 and the dewpoint 64.  The pain evaporated immediately when I stopped running and resumed walking.

On the run I just kept going (silly me), but afterward I got scared.  After talking to the doctor I'm not as concerned.  It may just have to do with a witch's brew of prescription drugs and supplements.  And there is a plan for figuring that out.  I've blogged more about this on my myeloma blog .  

Splits:  26:37 (2 mi), 24:45 (2 mi), total 51:23, distance 4.01 mi, pace 12:49.

Monday, September 21:

We have only a few weeks now before we leave for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC, so I did a fast-paced walk/run this morning, eight miles.  After that I mowed the lawn with a walk-behind mower for another two hours.  After that a shower and a nap!  

I walked faster than I have ever walked, I think, almost running.  The test of walking versus running is that  one foot must always on the ground, and I'm sure that I violated that rule a few times, not quite running but not quite walking.  In addition I did actually run for 20 seconds about every five minutes. Pace for 8 miles was 12:51 min/mi - I need 14:00 for the upcoming marathon.  Longer run next week, maybe 14 miles.

The medicine that I am currently taking to fight the myeloma does cause some neuropathy in my feet, however, and right now they are pretty tender.  One of the minor disadvantages of staying alive!  The feet will get better.

Splits: 12:52, 12:36, 13:11, 12:18, 26:16 (2 mi), 26:20 (2 mi), total 1:43:34, 8.06 miles, pace 12:51.

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