Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brand New Trail

The Zephyr was a dinner train which ran slowly out from downtown for about six miles, then back, on an ancient track no longer used for regular railroad service.  We rode it several times, enjoying both the food and the entertainers, who walked up and down the train in song.  Finally, when the decaying track bed was no longer safe, and the train stopped running, the track was sold to the state for a new biking and walking/running trail.  Now that trail is finally finished.

We had already tried out parts of the brand-new trail, but today I explored another three-mile section, first going from our new home to the trail, about 3 miles, then running on the trail itself, and finally another 5.6 miles back home using other routes.  I felt good and did a fairly energetic run / walk the whole 11.6 miles, returning home in 2:21:12, for a pace of 12:09.

Muscles are a little tired, as they should be, but I could have gone farther.  Next week I will. No other issues, nothing hurts.

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