Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Forgot to Start the Watch

No biggie - considering the rain and threat of more, and yesterday's longish run, we decided to run just 40 minutes today.

Gluten-free crust,
organic everything else
We opted for the paved trails instead of the wet, muddy, slippery grass, choosing a 3.53-mile figure-eight route which allowed us to park near the center, putting us all as close as possible to the car in case of lightning.  Our rule: At the first flash flash or the first rumble, stop and return to the car with all deliberate speed.

I forgot to start my watch at the beginning of the first loop, but I did a 1 to 1 run/walk which resulted in a pace of 10:48 for the second loop.  I felt very strong throughout, enjoyed the run, and finished strong.

Whining: None!

East split: 22:22 for 2.07 mi, pace 10:48 for the second loop.

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