Monday, October 14, 2013

Half a Month of Running

Monday, Oct 14, 2013:

Cool, breezy run in the park.  Today we just wanted to stretch our muscles a bit, so they wouldn't forget how to run.  I went one loop on the paved trails, including the "Klondike bulge," for 2.51 miles in total.  Time 27:00, pace 10:45.  Plenty of energy.

Whining:  Ligaments at the top front of my left thigh complained a little - maybe they were hip flexor ligaments, maybe adductors, I can’t always tell.  But they settled down.

Sunday, Oct 13:

The scenery that we are forced
to live with these days.  Tsk

Sunday afternoon in the park, a sunny and lovely 55 degrees, shirt-sleeve running.  I wish it were always so perfect.  First I ran a few tenths of a mile in the park for a Channel 9 news crew, who are doing a story on me and myeloma and 50 states tonight.  Then I went home and got the girls and we all ran in the park.  I did 3.53 miles in 37:30 for a pace of 10:37, using a run/walk of 30/20.  No problems, lots of energy.

Saturday, Oct 12:

St Croix Valley Runners.  We still meet at 7:00 am at Brown's Creek Park on Neal in Stillwater.  This morning I picked up Jim and we had a nice chat in the car each way.  I ran with Dave and Candy, at a pace that was probably about 10 minutes/mile, for about five miles, though I didn't time it.  I didn't walk much.  I like to run an 8k or a 10k fairly hard about a week before an upcoming marathon, and I guess this was that run.

Nice cool run at daybreak, nothing hurts.  On the contrary I felt strong, especially toward the end.

Thursday, Oct 10:

Five Miles, With Photos.  This is the time of year that Minnesota is so beautiful, with every kind of tree trying to outdo the color of the others.

I ran five miles at a fairly easy pace, run/walk ratio of 25/20.  No pains, no problems.  I'm ready for another marathon a week from now.  I probably won't do a run much longer than this during the next week.  No pains.

5.02 miles in 57:31, pace 11:27.

Wednesday, Oct 9:

Walked the grass trails with my sweeties, 3 miles.

Tuesday, Oct 8:

2.5 miles in 28:07, pace 11:12.

Monday, Oct 7:

First real run after the marathon.  I ran 7.9 miles in 1:28:48, for a pace of 11:17 overall.  That’ll do for today!

Loops:  40:13, 3.53 mi, pace 11:24; 23:37, 2.17 mi, pace 10:53; 24:59, 2.17 mi, pace 11:31; total 1:28:48

Wednesday, October 2:

Short recovery run at the Woodbury YMCA.  We brought an 8-year-old to the indoor track, and he was ready to leave in about five minutes, so this run was a bit shorter than planned.  About 2.5 miles in maybe 30 minutes or so.

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