Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Days, Five Short Runs

Each run 2.51 miles long.  This is a strange way to taper, but it's what happened this week.  Run/walks ranged from 30/20 down to 20/20, and pace 10:33 up to 10:57.  Today's 20/20 pace seemed quite sustainable.  If it were sustained for a marathon, I could finish in 4:49.  Somehow that doesn't compute.  I thought I had to do at least 30/20 to finish below 5 hours, which requires a pace of 11:27.  Maybe these short runs aren't predictive, because my head knows it's short and I subconsciously run faster than I really will in the marathon.  Anyway, I'll try 20/20 and see how it goes in Mankato.

Thursday I received a brand new pair of Brooks Launch running shoes, my tenth pair of this Brooks model.  So I ran in them, to check them out, and they'll be fine in the marathon.

Whining: Today and yesterday I felt a pain in the lower left abdomen, reminiscent of the pain that I felt on the right side when I had the sports hernia.  The pain lasted only two or three minutes though, at the start of the run, and I did have a big lunch a couple of hours beforehand on both days, so maybe it's nothing to worry about.  I'll go with that.

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Have a good run tomorrow!