Thursday, August 29, 2013

Soggy Morning

We had a brief thunderstorm overnight, very bright and noisy but with only a little rain after all that.  Nevertheless the rain was just sufficient to make the grass trails wet and slippery, so I ran on the paved trails today.  Though the storm was over, the weather was still a factor: hazy, heavy air, with the dew point and the temperature equal at 72.

Oatmeal beneath.
I started out easy, with a run/walk ratio of 20/20, but found myself pushing harder as I ran the 5.6 miles.  I adjusted to avoid running downhill, and to run continuously when going uphill - this is good training and helps avoid injury from the downhill pounding.  Except for the heavy air and the resulting overly-sweaty running clothes, this run felt great.  No pains.

Loops: 3.53 mi in 39:05, pace 11:05; and 2.07 mi in 21:34, pace 10:25, overall 1:00:39 for 5.60 mi, pace 10:50.  I'm happy with that for today.

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