Sunday, August 04, 2013

Eleven Miles

Eleven miles isn't really a long run, but lately it is for me.  It’s the farthest I've run since our last marathon in May.  Today was the perfect day for it though, 64 degrees with a little breeze.  I ran six miles on the park’s grass trails and then five more on the paved trails, using a 30/20 run/walk ratio, modified so that I ran up most hills and walked down them, to minimize the pounding on feet and knees.

Post-run breakfast/lunch.
Quinoa underneath this time
Whining: The right knee with PFS bothered just a little toward the end of the run, but not enough to limit my pace.  Otherwise the run was energizing and quite enjoyable.  NO complaint from the recently-sprained left foot.  That's in the past now.

Lots of people descended upon the park today for rowing competitions on the nearby lake.  My route took me past them twice - dozens of cute little rowing shells that didn't look like they could possibly support the people who would race in them, and many more young, fit athletes waiting their turn to race.

Splits:  1:11:58 (6.05 mi), 28:23 (2.51 mi), 28:02 (2.51 mi), total 2:08:24, average pace 11:36.  The pace on grass/dirt/sand trails was closer to 12 minutes/mile, and the pace on the paved trails was closer to 11.  No surprise there.  I still like the grass trails better.

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