Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dreary Morning, Good Run

I ran with the St Croix Valley Runners again, as we usually do Saturday mornings at 7:00 am.  There are two different five-mile routes to choose from, and I prefer the one that goes around Lake McKusick over the one that takes 55-mph Manning Avenue.  The Lake McKusick route is quite a bit more hilly, but much safer and rather more interesting.  Today we ran in a 37-degree haze, calling for pants and a running shell.


I ran the Lake McKusick route with Wayne, Candy, and Doug, while Tom, Steve, and Dave took the Manning route.  Mostly I ran with Wayne, and we had a great discussion.

No one in our four used his watch, but I think we took about 48 minutes.  If so, the pace was about 9:36.  All running, no walking, no pains.  Great run.  As Wayne pointed out we kept on talking, even running uphill!

Whining: The run went fine.  Today, though, the next day, I have a doozy of a sore throat, self-diagnosed as viral bronchitis, with all the hacking and coughing that goes with it.  I sure hope this is gone seven days from now, when we run the Honolulu Marathon.  Meantime lots of chicken soup, liniment, hot tea, vitamin C, zinc lozenges, sleep (sitting up), and no running in cold air. Easy does it.

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