Sunday, October 14, 2012


What a difference from Friday’s run.  Then I felt strong and could easily have kept going, but today I felt sluggish at the start, and toward the end I could barely keep running.  I did run though, no walking, for 5.02 miles, two trips around the “big loop” of paved trails. In the park  It was a bit windy, but it was windy Friday too.  Time 48:35, pace 9:40, a full minute per mile slower than Friday.

Oh well, there are some bad days, but mostly good days.  It could be poor hydration today, or low blood sugar, or maybe I’m still tired from the hard run Friday, who knows.  It’ll be better on Tuesday, though I probably won’t try to run as far or as fast.  Still tapering.

Splits: 24:08, 24:27, total 48:35.

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