Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hernia Shorts

Yesterday Doctor BR suggested that I might be more comfortable running in compression shorts. What I find on the internet, though, are shorts that compress the tops of the thighs (why on earth?!?) but maybe not so much the abdomen. So I tried this: (1) Polyester running briefs; (2) A folded-up washcloth underneath, placed right on the surgical area; (3) Old “tighty-whitey” cotton briefs one size smaller than I am now, over those, and (4) running shorts over all.

It worked! Zero pain. I ran 15 seconds of each minute, more uphill and less downhill, as I’ve been doing. But sometimes I would get past the 15 seconds and keep right on running, because there was no pain to remind me that it was time to walk. None at the start, the end, or anywhere between.

 However, this was only four miles, 4.1 actually, in 50:30, for a pace of 12:19. I’ll try the homemade “hernia shorts” on my 10-mile run Thursday. Today is a masterpiece!

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