Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hernia Briefs Again

Since the surgery about 9 weeks ago my hernia repair tends to ache a bit, but it helps a lot if I press my hand on the repair site as I run. The doctor suggested compression shorts, but I didn’t want something that goes down to cover my thighs, so I tried this:

  • Good polyester running briefs, Brooks Runderwear
  • Under that, over the injury, a cotton washcloth folded in thirds and in thirds again
  • Over those, a pair of cotton briefs one size too small (polyester might be better?)
  • Over all, regular running shorts with yet another liner.
A few days ago this seemed to work wonders, holding off the ache almost completely.

This time though the ache was back, but I realized that I hadn’t done things exactly the same way. I had placed the washcloth pad right over the surgical incision, which is lower on the abdomen than the actual hernia and patch. So at about the fifth mile I moved it up, and things got better quickly. That thing really works. Maybe I should improve it and sell it on the internet.

Twelve miles in 2:25:13, pace 12:06, running 15-20 seconds of each minute. That’s faster than I need to go. I still have 15-mile and 18-mile runs before the next marathon, so I should run a little less and walk a little more. Whining: The hernia repair ached more than I had hoped, even somewhat after the run. And the runner’s knee (PFS), long dormant, showed up in the right knee. But I’ll be happy enough to run with PFS if the surgery heals well.

Gateway trail, miles 11 to 17 twice, total 12 miles. We often start near the middle and go one way and back, get fresh water or whatever from the car, then go the other way and back. This time I started out going south, from mile 13.7 toward mile 11. Splits:

Mile     Mile     Total
Marker    Time     Time
13.7     0:00     0:00     start at car
13     7:52     7:52
12     ----     ----     oops didn't click watch
11     23:52     31:45     south turnaround
12     12:20     44:04
13     12:15     56:19
13.7     8:04     1:04:23     back to car, water
14     4:05     1:08:28
15     12:28     1:20:56
16     11:08     1:32:54
17     13:06     1:45:10     north turnaround
16     13:13     1:58:23
15     10:30     2:08:53
14     12:13     2:21:06
13.7     4:07     2:25:13     back to car, home

Overall pace 12:06.

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