Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coming Back

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We three ran on the Gateway Trail this morning, starting in the middle and running out and back both ways, so we could be near the car in case of a thunderstorm. No storm came, so we ran the planned distances. I went as far north as the new Manning Avenue Bridge (progress continues), and as far south as Mile 12.

The right knee hardly bothered at all. I ran without walking for the first five miles, or a little more, and then walked occasionally. Breathing was the test: One full breath in four footfalls is OK, one in three footfalls means walk a bit. I tried pretty hard to use my physical therapist’s suggested gait, shuffling along on the balls of my feet rather than landing midfoot. It results in less up/down bounce, and may have saved some energy.

I’m happy with the result, finishing 8.3 miles at a sub-10 pace, and I feel great afterward. It’s the strongest run in some time, and definitely a masterpiece.

Splits: 9:51, 8:40, 2:40 (0.3 mi), 8:48, 9:40, 9:06, 10:23, 10:15, 9:47, total 1:19:12, distance 8.3 mi, overall pace 9:33.

Friday, June 24, 2011:

Eight miles on the grass trails in the park. 78 degrees, humid, and the trails were wet - I had to run through water once, and mud more than once. At least a dozen ticks clung to my legs and shoes after the run. Nevertheless, I had a great time and pretty well wore myself out.

This was not a recovery run - I went about as fast as I could. Breathing is the measure: Four footfalls per breath is a sustainable pace, but when it goes to three footfalls per breath, I have to walk a bit to get back to four. That wasn’t necessary for the first four miles, but later I did walk up some hills and, because of the knee, down some too.

The knee hurt only a little, early on, but calmed down and was mostly silent after the first mile. 1:29:49, pace 11:08.

There really is oatmeal under there, and organic yogurt was added after the photo was shot:
Post-run Breakfast

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