Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rock for Broc 1-Mile Race

Rock for Broc 1-mile outdoor track race. This was a benefit for local runner and showshoer Cindy Brochman, who is fighting cancer. The weather could not have beem more perfect for an evening run; low 60s and cloudy. Lots of the running regulars showed up, including a few who were injured and couldn’t actually run. Lots of spectators. I hope the fundraiser went well.

The race sure did, for me even. Wonderful 400-meter track at Macalester College. Very well organized in appropriate heats, from ten minutes and slower to 5:15 and faster. I was impressed at how well the race was run. Results are expected to be on Raceberry Jam soon.

I had not run a one-mile race in over a year, so I didn’t know how fast I could go. My PR is just under 6 minutes, three years ago, but I’m not going that fast any more. I decided to start at an 8:00 pace and then ramp it up if I was doing OK at the half-mile. The time at the 1/8 mile was 1:02, almost right on the 8:00 pace. At the half it was 4:00, exactly on. I felt good and was able to speed up a little in the next quarter, and a little more yet in the last quarter, even sprinting on the last straightaway, for a finish of 7:36. My time on the posted printout was 7:26, but my watch is correct I’m sure. I’d like to take the extra ten seconds, but I know better. Next time I might be able to finish a little sooner by starting out a bit faster and running even laps.

I also ran two easy miles in warmup, and another two in cooldown, for a total of five miles. I feel good! Mostly recovered from all of the marathons now I think. It’s a masterpiece.

Recent breakfast: Organic oatmeal with cranberries and organic raisins, organic nectarine, organic pecans, organic strawberries, blueberries, nonfat organic mild, one organic ranier cherry.

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