Tuesday, May 19, 2009

97 Degrees?

That’s the official Twin Cities weather for the day at the MSP airport, eight degrees above the previous all-time high for this date. But I don’t believe it. The temperature never went above 86 out here in the 'burbs. And in any case, I ran early enough in the morning that the temperature was just a delightful 60 degrees.

I ran the same loop route as last Thursday, on the hilly, grassy trails of the park, except I ran it the other direction. I felt tired right from the beginning, and though I intended to run ten minutes and walk one or two, that plan went by the wayside after about two miles. I ran until I felt I couldn’t, then walked until I felt I could run again. That worked very well. I didn’t see another person on this jaunt in the woods, except in the parking lot. They must have taken other trails - there are plenty.

Happily, my energy improved toward the end of the run. I don’t have mileposts, so I can’t time the miles, but it felt good at the end, no walking. Time for the 6.9 miles was 1:10:35, just 15 seconds shorter than last Thursday. No surprise I suppose. Pace 10:14. No pains whatever.

Breakfast: Organic oatmeal with dried cranberries and organic raisins, orange, dates, banana, organic cashews, dark chocolate, and organic nonfat milk.


Tony said...

have you ever tried soy milk?

Don said...

No I haven't.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hurray for no pain!!

I can't believe how warm it is up there. We are cooler than usual thanks to a freak cold front. Hope you, Sunshine and SweetPea have a nice holiday weekend.