Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sun 2006 Nov 26, 4 mi, 50 deg

Three-Legion Run, 4 mi, pace 8:30. A little faster than I wanted to go, but it felt slow enough. I wonder if I should re-measure that route - is it a little short? Nothing heard from the right hamstring during the run, slight dull ache afterward again. Anyway it appears that I got away with an easy run two days in a row. That's a very good thing. And what an excellent day to run! No wind, hazy sun, beautiful. Next is an 8-miler on Tuesday; my "long" run of the week. Big deal. Keep stretching, massaging, knee lifts (what are those called, when you stand on one foot and bend the other at the knee, lifting the foot back and up as high as it will go?). Anyway, I'll do those and report back on Tuesday. Meantime, today is a masterpiece, in the bank already.

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