Saturday, April 18, 2015

Three Runs Today

More or less.  We did some exploring, walking on a grass loop near our home, where we watched a great blue heron for a while.  Then we enjoyed a little park near our home, for a total of about 2 miles.  There is water everywhere - a smallish lake with inlets and outlets plus ponds galore, all with abundant waterfowl.

After lunch we drove to the brand-new paved Zephyr Trail, where the girls ran on the trail itself and I opted for a set of nearby grass trails that are mowed for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.  The girls traveled 2.5 miles, and I ran / walked for the same amount of time, so I suppose I went about 4 miles.

Back home again, I felt like doing more and ran a 3.5-mile circuit around the lake, adding a newly-discovered grass trail section, in 42:53, for a pace of 12:15.

So that's 9.5 miles running and walking today, with plenty of energy and no pains of any kind. What a delightful day. Life is so good.

I built a picnic table yesterday, so we have a great place to sit in the shade and sip a beverage of choice.  I'll have a beer, thank you, then off to bed early with muscles that know what this day was about.

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