Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Inspired by Dex

My new myeloma regimen includes dexamethasone (Dex), a powerful corticosteroid, the kind of steroid with an unfortunate side effect: it dissolves muscles rather than building them. We use it because it also suppresses my myeloma, an incurable cancer. I just started it last night, though, so it hasn't had much chance to do damage, and I felt strong, alert, and full of pep, another side effect, typically lasting for a day.  It's like waaay too much coffee, and it's actually banned in competitive running, possibly for that reason.  Tomorrow I'll feel down, and I'll probably be my normal self for the rest of the week, until I take it again next Tuesday.

We ran in the soccer dome this morning, avoiding low temps and high winds outdoors.  Because of the Dex I only ran 3 miles, afraid to overextend myself, but without really realizing it I ran faster, finishing the run/walk in 33:20, for an average pace of 11:07, about a minute per mile faster than usual in that venue.  I felt wonderful, actually and certainly could have run farther or faster.

Splits: 11:21, 11:07, 10:53, total 33:20.

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