Friday, April 24, 2015

Hard and Soft

Thursday, April 23, 2015:

Day Three of my new myeloma treatment regimen.  I felt fine, and a longish run was due, so yesterday I ran out three miles on roads and paved trails to a nature preserve with grass trails, ran about five miles there, and then three miles back, for a total of eleven or so. Doing my usual run/walk I got home in 2:15, a little slower than 12 minutes per mile.

I felt strong the whole time, did some exploring of the grass trails (a few are on the map but don't exist yet), and loved the feeling of the soft earth under my shoes.  It reminded me of Rocky's Run, a fall cross-country race on a golf course.  I should try to get to it this year - all I do is marathons these days.

No pains.  I suppose I'm still feeling some anti-inflammatory effect from the dexamethasone in the treatment regimen, so I need to be even more tuned than usual to what my body is telling me, but this is the morning after the run and I still feel fine.  Ramping up now toward a genuine long run of 20 miles or so, I hope.

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