Saturday, August 03, 2013

St Croix Valley Runners

The St Croix Valley Runners now meet at Stillwater's Brown's Creek Park, every Saturday at 7:00 am.  This morning there were just seven of us, with many regulars running in races, but that was enough that we could split up into speeds and still have a running partner.  The weather was perfect, 55 degrees, sunny, and very little wind.

Charlie and I ran a 2.4-mile loop at perhaps a 10:30 pace, running continuously, and then I ran another loop of about 2.3 miles by myself, using a 30/20 run/walk much of the time and running continuously some of the time, particularly on one long uphill.  I didn't have my watch, but I think I ran for about 51 minutes, which would make the overall pace about 10:51.  That's OK for today.  Longer run coming up.

The second loop was shorter than the first because I ran a shortcut using the old railway, now just a gravel trail, that will become a part of the Brown's Creek Trail connecting the Gateway Trail to Stillwater.  Signs say that the trail is closed, but this piece was easy running, about four tenths of a mile from Neal to McKusick Road.

Whining: None at all.

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