Monday, May 06, 2013

Running Shoes Are Washable

And it’s a good thing, too.  I took a different trail today, and was a bit sorry that I did, because the trail was under water in several places, and since it’s a dirt trail, under water means under mud.  That’s a peril of using dirt ("grass") trails too soon after the snow has melted.  The other trails are pretty good, but this one isn't ready yet.  In fact, after the run I noticed that the trails are still closed for horses and mountain bikes.

I had a good run though.  Two loops of hilly, dirt & grass trails totaling 13.1 miles (by coincidence a half marathon) in 2:32:00, for a pace of 11:37.  I'm not excited about that pace, certainly, but it includes the time for a bathroom stop, a stop at the car to change shirts and pick up water, lots of hills, and several other delays including the mud problem.  The pace will have to do.

Apparently this was my long run before the next marathon, which I just yesterday realized is only three weeks away.  I would prefer to do a longer run three weeks ahead of a marathon, but I'll add this 13 miles to the 6 from yesterday and call it 19.  Also, hopefully, my legs will remember the last marathon about 7 weeks ago.  Maybe.
I've never done a triathlon yet

The temperature went from 54 to 64 during the run, full sun and a slight breeze, hard to beat that weather.  I carried water, and took two GU packets.

Whining: Zip.  You would think that the twists of 20,000 steps on rutty dirt trails would take a toll on ankles and knees, but I had no problems today and I suspect that my joints are the better for the workout.

Splits:  1:19:20 first loop, 6.85 mi, pace 11:35.  1:12:40 second loop, 6.24 mi, pace 11:39, total 2:32:00 for 13:09 mi, overall pace 11:37.

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