Monday, May 13, 2013

Eight Great Miles

Sunday, May 12, 2013:

Running on the "grass" (rutty mud & grass) trails again, I had a wonderful time.  People were out this Sunday afternoon, with kids, dogs, and horses, lots of horses.  I slow to a walk when I pass a horse, trying not to spook it.  Some riders pull off the trail and wait for me to pass, while others try to ignore me.  I suppose it depends on the personality of the horse; some are more easily spooked than others.

The temperature was about 55 degrees with a bright sun and a nice breeze.  One long-sleeved shirt worked fine.  I ran/walked 8.29 miles in 1:29:26, for a total pace of 10:50, doing 40 running triplets to 20 walking.  That pace is better than Friday’s, and I went twice as far.

Whining:  None at all.

Loop 1: 4.1 miles in 44:30.  Loop 2: 4.19 miles in 44:57.  These loops are nearly identical - only one part of the loop changed

Friday, May 10:

I forgot my watch and had to use my cell phone instead, so the time of 46 minutes could be off by a bit.  4.1 very hilly miles in that time, on the grass trails in the park.  I like that though.  I walked some of the time today, especially up hills.  The pace was apparently about 11 minutes/mile, maybe a bit slower.

Whining:  The right knee complained just a bit today - I think it’s the patellofemoral (PFS) acting up.  Not bad though.

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