Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dew On the Grass

Dew really messes up the shoes, because they get wet and pick up all sorts of dirt and dust, which becomes mud.  Further, the dew gets into the very-ventilated running shoes and gets the socks wet and dirty.  Oh my, oh my.  It sparkles in the morning sun though, and it’s cool on the feet, so I look forward to the dew anyway.  Shoes and socks are washable.

We had a dewy morning today, and I had a very lovely run.  The creatures are all out now; I saw egrets and red-winged blackbirds, four deer, a rabbit, a hawk out cruising for that rabbit, several crows,

Leftovers with turkey bacon
canada geese nesting (they make a racket), lots of other birds, and I heard the frogs singing their spring symphony of fertility at every little water hole.

I ran 6.05 miles on the grass/dirt trails in 1:04:52, for a pace of 10:43.  I thought I was doing a little better than that, actually, but apparently my legs were a little tired.  The total running mileage for the last three days adds up to 25.4, plus I also walked a 5k on Sunday.

Whining:  I did feel a little signal from the right knee, probably the patellofemoral syndrome (PFS) letting me know that the distance and the variable footing might become an issue.  No problem - I’ll take it easy tomorrow and Thursday.

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