Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wonderful Run

All good. 13.7 miles on the Gateway Trail. What a wonderful morning - 63 degrees, cloudy, with just a little wind. I never felt overheated, perfect for July. Jim ran with me for the first five miles, on the dirt trails, and I ran most of that way, walking only a couple of times to take water. But he had run very hard the day before (winning his race), and anticipated another hard run the next day, so he left after five miles.

I switched to the paved trails, to train for running on hard surfaces, and also switched to a run/walk, walking for 30 seconds of every two minutes. The right kneecap behaved almost perfectly, muttering only once or twice on the paved trails. The left hamstrings hurt a little, right at the hip bone, more than usual, but were far from a limiting factor. I took that problem to the doctor months ago and was advised to live with it. OK.

13.7 miles in 2:19:24, pace 10:11. Hey, I’ll take it! It’s a masterpiece.

Bison chili, jicama, guacamole, romaine, butternut squash, mostly organic:

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Jean said...

Great run, Don. This morning was the nicest running day I have had in weeks. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am glad you did too!