Monday, July 04, 2011

Marine on St Croix 4.1-Mile Race

This is a tradition for us - we run it every year. It’s small, low-key, only four miles, downhill, and many of our running friends are there. Perfect for the Fourth of July. Today there wasn’t a cloud in the sky or a puff of wind, and with the temperature about 80 it was a bit warm. But we ran, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

My right knee hurt a little, especially on the downhill (there were lots of downhills), so I slowed to a walk fairly often, but probably couldn’t have gone too much faster. Maybe a minute or two.

I felt fine after the race, and I won my age group! First of one - no one else in the 70+ age group. Time about 37:00 - the results aren’t up yet on for some reason. Pace 9:01. Good enough I guess.

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