Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wed 2006 Nov 29, 5.8 mi, 20 deg

Woodbury Runners 5.8 mi, 47:54, pace 8:16. Uff-da. The good news is I have no pain in the hamstrings, and the bad news is that this felt like a 5k race. I really did lose some endurance in those 18 days off (duh!). Went with Jim, who slowed to run with me, bless his heart. Three other runners pretty much smoked us. But then again they're not in their sixties yet :-)

Some pain in the right knee, but I think I may have stepped crooked or something. Temporary problem. Tried to go slow enough to maintain a 4-step per breath pace today, not entirely successful because it's a hilly course. But almost entirely on paved trails, safer than roads after dark. All but one of us wore a headlamp tonight. In a windy 20 degrees, I wore three shirts and a jacket up top, with knee warmers, long sox, and my "teflon" pants below. Perfect. Faces got a little cold going into the wind, but fine on the home stretch. A masterpiece! Tomorrow NSP Community Center indoor track for a short run and upper-body workout, then relax until the Reindeer Run on Saturday.

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