Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sun 2006 Nov 5, NYC Marathon, 50 deg

NYC Marathon, 3:48:46, pace 8:43. Quick note - more later (does anyone read this anyway?). I was hoping for 3:40 or so, but I did the very best I could do today, which will be quite sufficient. Looks like 12th in my age group, not great. Minor problems with right hamstring and cramps in right quads (something new). No problems with calves this time. But the real problem was just a lack of oomph. Was it the 1-mile uphill at the start? Anyway it was a great marathon, wouldn't have missed it. Perfect weather, within two or three degrees of 50 the entire way I think, mostly cloudy. Now it's time for me to go get on the subway and bring A & S in to the finish. They were past mile 16 at 4:30, so maybe 15 minutes behind their hoped-for 7:00 finish at that point, maybe headed for 7:30.

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