Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Just a Little Faster

Yesterday we visited our favorite indoor track, where I walked three miles as fast as I could, no running. I forgot to bring my watch, so I don't know how fast that was. No significant pain in my left knee.

Today I did bring my watch, and logged the best times for three miles in recent history, 14:33, 14:17, 14:09, total 42:59. I'm plenty happy with the times, especially with the increase in speed as the miles went by. Again no significant knee pain. It's a good head start on 2020.

Don't you like that year - 2020?   2019 always seemed awkward, but twenty twenty just sort of trips off the tongue, or the keyboard.

Have a wonderful Christmas season and a safe and happy 2020.



peter said...

You made an unintentionally wry comment in your last post in December about how the upcoming year 2020 just rolls off the tongue so don't you like it in contrast to 2019? Little did we know the sledgehammer blow coming! Come back 2019. I hope you and yours are well, nice three miles you described, I haven't run since February when I got REALLY sick with a respiratory ailment that kept me sitting up in bed for two weeks so I could sleep some between my coughing fits. My lungs still feel compromised seven months later (and I still have GI issues which started then) so I haven't returned to running so as not to further inflame my lungs during the pandemic, gee, I wonder what I had, although the docks assure me it was just "the flu" because it was too early for Covid. Okay, but I still pretty strictly stay in my house. 2020, The Year That Wasn't. How about you, still running?

Don said...

Hi Peter, good to hear from you.

We're still at it, but walking instead of running. I have a bad left knee now, but at age 79 I'm OK with the walking. It doesn't hurt. I was registered for the Moose Mountain Marathon this fall, but like most races it was cancelled.

I'm not so sure you couldn't get Covid-19 in February. I was in the hospital in early January, but that was gone in a couple of weeks. Not Covid probably.

Life is pretty good here. Except for walking in the park and on our streets, we stay pretty much at home.

Best, Don