Sunday, June 05, 2016

Knee Needs Rest

Thursday, June 2, 2016:

Doc suggested that I wait at least a week before any more training runs, substituting the bike and perhaps the elliptical trainer instead.  Whatever doesn't hurt.  This is my second visit with him about the knee, the first visit ending in x-rays which showed nothing wrong.  He thinks that the pain is in the joint itself, and may be: (1) a tear in the meniscus; or (2) a crack in a bone, likely the tibia.  Neither is good,  Either could benefit from a little rest.

Doc thought that I could actually rest until the next marathon, now about two weeks away, and still complete the marathon.  I have never failed to complete one, and will make every effort to complete this one, but I will most definitely stop and get a ride to the finish if the moment comes that I believe that I might incur permanent injury by continuing.

After that next marathon we will reassess, and I may visit the doc again for an MRI of the knee.

Before the doctor visit this morning I walked two miles at a fairly brisk pace, and then walked another mile from home to the doctor's office.  Perhaps the steroids had worn off somewhat, because the knee did hurt a little in that last mile, just the right amount to help the doctor figure it out.

Splits: 14:34, 15:27, total 30:01, third mile not timed.

Wednesday, June 1:

Slow and slower.  With a doctor's appointment tomorrow, I wanted to try to make the knee hurt today, so that it might hurt tomorrow in the doc's office.  I went two miles at a fairly easy pace, and then another two at a more marathon-like pace.

The knee only just started to hurt a little toward the very end, on a downhill stretch.  I was loaded with dexamethasone and prednisone, however, from the infusion the day before.  Both of those are strong anti-inflammatories, and may have masked some of the pain.

Splits: 18:35, 18:36, 12:37, 13:37

Saturday, May 28:

Knee Trouble   I waited a full week after the Fargo Marathon to go out on a run.  The first two miles went fine, but then I started to feel the pain in the right knee, increasing as I walked, so I headed back.  Now what?  Make an appointment with the sports doc ASAP.

11:18, 11:56, 1:36, 7:48, 9:58, total 42:35

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