Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Magnificent Ten-Mile Run

Typical wet spot in the trail
They don't get much better.  Temperature  68, wind 17-22, mostly cloudy but with occasional blue skies, spotty light showers, but, happily, no thunder.  Fun, enervating weather.  I ran (1 to 1 run/walk) 10.0 miles in 2:01:34, pace 12:09.  That's a good pace for the grass trails in their current condition.  I felt strong throughout, and ran the last mile a little faster than the first nine.

The first hour took me past at least a half dozen wet spots in the trail, one large and deep enough to host a great white egret, a shy bird that immediately said a graceful goodbye as soon as we saw each other.  Otherwise, for that hour, the grass was free of dew and no rain fell.  In the second hour, though, a few spritzes of rain felt good but got the grass wet, and thus my shoes.  Not really a problem. The second hour included a few additional wet spots but all were easily bypassed.
Native summer flowers. I love these trails!

I carried water and drank some every 20 minutes or so, and I took two Clif Shot gels along the way.

Whining: The right knee's PFS niggled a little from time to time, and actually brought me up short and
in pain one time after a long downhill run.  It felt as though my knee might bend backward, but that resolved quickly and didn't return.  The knee didn't really slow me down.  I'm sure now, though, that the Nike Wildhorse trail shoes don't protect me from the PFS.  I doubt any shoe would.  I have to do my therapy exercises to fix that problem.

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