Sunday, January 26, 2014

Marvelous Run

Nine miles on the YMCA track at a relatively fast "marathon pace," I felt full of energy the whole way and could easily have gone farther.  I took a Clif Shot gel at mile 2 and mile 6, with about five ounces of water at miles 2, 4, and 6.  Pace was run one lap, walk one.  I moved right along in both cases, but there were a few distractions on the track too, including a few families with excited preschoolers zig-zagging along near their parents, which called for a reduction in my speed now and then as I sort of pussyfooted past.  It's OK - the YMCA is for everyone, and these ones were mighty cute.

Whining: The right knee hurt just a little, but nowhere near enough to make me want to slow down.  I think it will be OK on a mostly straight course.

Splits: 11:06, 10:47, 11:09, 10:46, 11:14, 10:35, 11:06, 10:44, 10:10, nice last mile, total 1:37:36, average pace 10:51.  This corresponds to a 4:44 marathon if the pace could be sustained for almost three times as far.  That's unlikely, so I'll go a lot slower in the actual upcoming marathon.  For better or for worse this is the long run, and it's taper time now.

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