Sunday, January 22, 2012

University of Wisconsin River Falls

Saturday, January 21, 2012:

University of Wisconsin River Falls. It’s almost a half-hour drive, but on the weekend the UWRF indoor 200-meter track is about all there is. It’s pretty nice, though, even if there are 16 turns in a mile.

I had a good time, running the straights at a fairly good pace, and then walking the ends of the oval as fast as I could walk, to avoid re-injury of the adductors. Did you know that the curved ends of a 200-m oval track are longer than the straightaways? Anyway the run went well, and I finished 4+ miles in 48 minutes.

Thursday, January 19:

Dome Running! We hadn’t been to the Metrodome in several years, but I wanted to run where there would be the fewest and most-gentle corners. The dome is the longest indoor track that I can think of, two and a half laps per mile. and the corners are very easy.

I had a wonderful run. I was worried about the adductor injury that I had felt Thursday at the dome, but after a few laps of warmup there was no pain. Just to be extra careful, I walked most of the corners and ran the straightaways. Almost five miles, pace about 11 minutes per mile. Great run, and I’m so happy that the adductors are not going to be a problem.

A regular breakfast, a couple of days ago. There's oatmeal in there somewhere. Mostly organic:

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