Friday, March 18, 2016

Two Miles on the Boardwalk

We stopped for a photo at the WVEC booth in the
Expo.  Yes those are my hands holding up the frame.
They still call it the Boardwalk here in Virginia Beach, although it's wide, with nice railings, entirely paved with concrete, and has a separate paved bike trail.  The concrete still looks good, but the "boardwalk" clearly hasn't been boards for many years.  I ran here today.

Just a couple of miles, to remind my muscles one last time of the task that they are here to accomplish.  Now there will be no more run/walking until Sunday morning.

2.00 miles in 23:51 today, average pace 11:56 minutes/mile.  This was faster than I want to run in the marathon by about 2 minutes/mile, maybe three.  I do need to maintain an average pace of 16 in order to finish this race, and there are nature breaks and other possible delays, so 15 is a better target.  I did 14:33 in the last marathon.

We attended a party hosted by tonight, and met the president, Greg D. Lee.  Because LiveStrong is affiliated with dozens of marathons around the world, Greg believes that he might be of help to me at some point in the future, maybe even this weekend.  I have his card and will not hesitate to call if I think that he could help.

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