Thursday, March 31, 2016

Quick Four Miles

I'm tapering for the next marathon now, so the idea is to keep the muscles from forgetting last week's marathon.  To do that I don't do long runs, but I don't let up on intensity either.  I started out easy today but felt great and sped up a bit in the second two miles.

Splits: 24:12, 24:10, total 48:22, 4.0 miles, average pace 12:06 min/mi.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016:

Eight Miles.   Did I take four days off from running?  My last post was Friday, and I should have done a run on Easter Sunday, but don't have any record of one and don't remember one.  I did well today, though, starting out to do an easy 8-mile walk and ending up charging up hills.  This was the "day after DEX day," so I probably felt a little more energetic than I might otherwise have felt, who knows, but I did feel great.

Splits: 28:05, 29:09, 25:47, 25:59, total 1:49:00, 4.0 miles, average pace 13:37 min/mi.  First 4 miles 14:16, second 4 miles 13:01 despite the hills.

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